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This game contains loud noises,
and lots of jumpscares

Avoid all the animatronics to survive

Use Mouse to move

You can't leave the room

FNaF Solo Official

Hi, how many nights you passed?

FNaF Solo

Agario FNaF Solo concentrates on survival factor which is the only main goal of players. Similar to other Five Nights at Freddy's versions, all players have to do is to avoid the attacks of animatronics. However, in Agario FNaF, those evil enemies can freely run through your office, and their aim is to push you into the corner so you can get destroyed and jumpscared. They won't lurk in the dark anymore! They will appear in the bubbles and run at a very fast speed to you. The movement speed of animatronics will advance when you reach further nights. Therefore, stay away from animatronics no matter what and survive until the end!

Your room
Night & time
Animatronics night 1
Animatronics night 2
Animatronics night 3
Animatronics night 4
Animatronics night 5

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